Built in stone and wood during the first half of the 20th century, this house belonged to a humble family of farmers in the village. Rebuilt to meet the comfort and well-being requirements of those who visit our region, the Espelho d’Água House combines the materials of the original construction with the lines and modern architecture of the current house.
The house consists of 3 double bedrooms, all with private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, garden, swimming pool and a grill. In addition, it has air conditioning, free internet access and television service.
This accommodation is located in a rural village, where tradition and old customs are still very rooted, for that reason, it promises unique moments and greater contact with nature.
It is in this line of thought that its rooms were named after elements of the nature that surrounds us. In this case, we honor the rivers that bathe our region:

  • Ribamá, is a watercourse that crosses the parish of Queirã and feeds two spas: the Termas de São Pedro do Sul and the Vau Complex in Valgode.
  • Zela, is a place where biodiversity stands out. The banks of this river are recommended for those who like to practice sports and for those who want to know more about our natural heritage.
  • Vouga, rises at an altitude of 930m in Serra da Lapa and bathes several locations along its route to the Ria de Aveiro, where it flows.

All rooms are equipped with a double bed, private bathroom, air conditioning, LCD TV, free wi-fi access.

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