Built in a 20th-century granite building, next to the Igarei House, d’Alice House served as an adjoining house to the main house. With its construction, the young couple sought the privacy and independence that a new home needed, without losing family proximity.
Comprising two bedrooms, both with private bathroom, living room, equipped with fridge, coffee machine and electric kettle, this accommodation is the ideal space for those who appreciate the beauty and harmony built in nature itself.
This house is located in a rural village, where tradition and old customs are still very rooted, for that reason, it promises unique moments and greater contact with the natural environment. Its rooms were named following the same reasoning as the first house, this time highlighting the mountains where it lands.

  • Caramulo, of granitic and schist origin, the Caramulo Mountain is a true natural landmark of the Central Region. Among the green fields, the biological diversity and the crystalline waters, the valleys and peaks that provide a surprising landscape to its visitors stand out.
  • São Macário, known for being the highest point of the Arada Mountain, this mountainous area is a mandatory stop on the last weekend of July, during the pilgrimage of São Macário. In addition to its natural beauty, it offers visitors a panoramic view of the region.

All rooms are equipped with a double bed, private bathroom, LCD TV, free wi-fi access.

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